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Thank you for your interest in our Transformational 5 day event in the Austrian Alps.

September 25th-29th, 2019.

Our events are exclusive 5 day transformational experiences in which participants engage in daily experiential workshops, masterminds, energetic bodywork, yoga, BioDynamic breathwork, intuitive guidance, meditation, embodiment sessions and more. You will be guided through emotional blockages, learn to express a deeper and more authentic version of yourself and discover and remove the masks that are keeping you hidden from the world and which stop you from fully loving yourself and others. You will emerge from this experience more deeply connected to your feelings and felt sense of who you are.

I have already lost touch with a couple of people I used to be
— Joan Didon

Retreat Location

Hotel Saalbacher Hof, Dorfplatz 27, Saalbach Austria. Find the exact location HERE

It is all about you.

You, and your rawness, your wildness, your sensitivity, your sensuality, your passion, your power, and your truth. 

We are returning to source. To the nakedness and the innocence you know yourself to be. You are invited to undress, to unlearn, to unravel, and to unframe the ideas, thoughtforms and beliefs you have accepted about who you are, and what life is, and decide for yourself in this moment whether to create yourself anew. You are encouraged to become undefined, and strip yourself back to the basis and beauty of who you are. 

The event is designed to deepen your experience, and understanding, of how your mind, your thoughts, your energy and your intentions combine to create the experience of your lives. You will be invited to step beyond the edges of your known experience of yourself. Into the unknown, creating the new.

You will learn how to identify and free yourself from any unconscious programs you are operating through, to release and express emotional blockages from your body, and learn how to recognise your inner-guidance and reconnect with your intuition.

You will be guided through different energetic bodywork, meditation, BioDynamic breathwork, outdoor nature challenge activity, and you will be introduced to kundalini energy activation, or inner dance, a spiritual healing modality rooted in ancient Filipino babaylan (shamanic) tradition. Inner Dance is a transformative shift in consciousness, one that also shifts the physical body. The process peels away the layers of conditioned mental limitations, and slowly reveals our deepest core principles. 

We will explore some interesting questions surrounding intimacy, feminine & masculine principles, rejection, shame, guilt, fear and where we are lying to ourselves.


Add more balance to your life.

This immersion focuses on unburdening and empowering you through behavioural innovations, your blocks to achieving energetic balance are resolved – life has meaning again. Whether your goal is improving your health, increasing prosperity in business, finding a true soulmate, or nurturing spiritual growth – you’re in the right place. Learn the art of inner-knowing and recover your ability to thrive intentionally.

From using powerful tools in consciousness that can reprogram the subconscious mind and remove self-sabotaging programs, to powerful integrity, self-esteem and self-love work, you will open up to be more loving, intimate and joyful with yourself and others.

The NYOUDE blueprint demonstrates how to let go of any image, or idea, of who we think we should be, or how we should behave, enabling us to show up, to revel in our raw nakedness, AS we are.

What can you expect from the retreat?

  • Daily experiential workshops and masterminds that will show you specific tools to apply to your own consciousness, life and relationships.

  • Embodiment Sessions: Yoga and BioDynamic Breathing that will release emotional blocks and traumas from your body and activate your inner guidance system.

  • Exercises to help you discover your hidden beliefs, unconscious self-limiting perceptions and self-sabotaging programs that will create shifts in perception and allow you to see yourself from different viewpoints and change your experience of reality.

  • Ancient Filipino babaylan (shamanic) tradition of Inner dance and Kundalini Energy Activation that will bring transformative shifts in consciousness and the physical body.

  • Joy and Magic program - Re-Membering your Soul, Purifying. Discovering your true Soul's Purpose.

  • Experiential connection and Intimacy exercises that promote a deeper connection with yourself and others and a freeing up of creative energy.

  • Meditation, Visualisation and Intuitive guidance, that will unlock your intuition, access to abundance in every area of your life and greater awareness of yourself and all your relationships.

  • Improvisation work that will unlock greater self-expression and authenticity

  • Sensory Experiences that will change the way you use and experience your body and your mind.

  • Peaceful landscape, delicious, enriching food, lifetime friendships, deep connections and unforgettable experiences provided by our amazing facilitators.



Dorota Stanczyk is the co-founder of NYOUDE. She is a conscious creativity trainer, speaker and writer and visual artist. Her passion is to combine fine arts with personal growth. She designs festivals, conferences and events that help people to learn about their consciousness and self-expression. She creates transformational experiences that combines art and technology and delivers Conscious Creativity Trainings. She directed a full-length documentary on Enhanced States of Consciousness and wrote a socio-spiritual book on human relationships and self-love.

Dorota is an intuitive coach. From finding limiting self-perceptions, hidden beliefs and sabotaging mechanisms, she teaches how to free ourselves and re-create who we are.


Esmond Baring is co-founder of NYOUDE. He is a Transformational Deep Coach working especially with men who struggle to feel or show their emotions, communicate their feelings, speak their needs or who have recurring issues with commitment, intimacy and integrity.

He designs coaching programs and workshops to remove emotional blocks, expose limiting conditioned beliefs and demonstrate to men that vulnerability, and the willingness to be real with the truth of their emotions is a sign of strength and courage rather than weakness as currently perceived by masculine cultural norms. His approach is to show men that alignment with, and a fuller expression of emotions allows for a deeper felt experience of freedom, connection, love and the purpose we all seek.


Vitorio & Evia are modern day shamans - alchemists, with a unique gift of helping people receive, accept and embody their Soul's True Purpose. Today, they are supporting their fellow humans in upgrading themselves and their reality, finding their Soul's True Mission and choosing to live the Heaven on Earth and accept nothing less. Vitorio is a sought after speaker and educator, and they are both living between Bali and France.

Vitorio and Evia will be sharing their gifts by facilitating their Joy & Magic workshop. To reclaim your life and start actively creating it into a work of art, you’ll need to take a few steps. Re-member your Soul. Purify your impurities. Choose Joy & Magic and accept nothing less!


Lauren Schuivens is a location-independent Energy Work facilitator. She has been trained as Inner Dance facilitator by Pi Villarazza, founder of Inner Dance in the Philippines, and leading teacher Serena Olsen in Thailand.

Lauren combines her background and experience in Inner Dance, Reiki, Meditation and Intuition in her mission to help unlock people’s greatness and disrupt their version of "normal" - so that more people can start fully living life on their own, chosen terms. 

Lauren is the founder of the lifestyle and wellness brand Samavira. She is currently creating an international retreat curriculum for deep personal transformation. Samavira is built on the philosophy that we are here as spiritual beings having a human experience and the world is our playground… so don't be afraid to dream, create and have fun while doing so!


Kornelia Sramkova is a breathworker and mentor to the Alchemy of Breath Therapy school founded by Anthony Abbagnan. She has also studied Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System under the leadership of Gitan Tonkov. She loves movement, touch & music and the combination of these three elements with breath create therapeutic alchemy that changes lives.



We offer 4 types of all inclusive rooms

All inclusive (6night accommodation, 3 meals per day, retreat experience)

As NYOUDE launches its pilot retreat experience, we are offering it at a fraction of the full value of euros 9,000++ as a contribution to the first 15 participants who are joining the experiential conversation of awakened self expression. Please join us for this extraordinary opportunity to awaken to your truth while there are still a few spots remaining!


Who is this retreat for?

  • People who struggle to “get out of their head” and into their hearts & bodies

  • People seeking to attract and deepen the love in their life

  • People seeking to release traumas and emotional blockages

  • People who have difficulty expressing themselves

  • Those who are ready to fully commit to a personal development journey

  • Men who feel confined by cultures of masculinity and who are ready to embrace and express their wholeness

  • People who have a deep sense that there has to be ‘more to life’ than they are currently living

  • Those looking for more meaning, harmony, health and balance

  • Those who are ready to express authenticity in every area of life

  • Those who are experiencing any overwhelm and seeking to nourish their mind and body




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